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    Lucy Hale || The moment she finally met Taylor Swift.

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  4. The female is the most dangerous of the species. 

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    Eleanor, Danielle, Sophia, Taylor, Perrie, and any woman involved with 1D with any significance in the future all deserve an award for putting up with this fandom’s shit.

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  8. "I’m not actively looking, because you don’t find anything when you’re looking for it, but I think what I would most be looking for in a guy … is someone who sees me in my actual dimensions: 23 year old, five-foot-ten, people close to her call her ‘Tay’, was really insecure in middle school. Like a guy who wants to know the stories of who I was before this, and the things that aren’t on my Wikipedia page and the things that didn’t happen on an awards show - a guy who just wants to know the girl.”

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